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Full Scheme Installation; from ground level, new grain store building, new drier installation and all supporting handling sourced and built for a brand new system - East Yorkshire


We were contacted by E Falkingham & Sons to discuss options for a new grain drying, handling and storage unit. They required an output of 30 tph and supporting handling to increase productivity during their busy harvest periods.


Perry P439 Dryer - Model S410.

Perry of Oakley Flow and return/chain and flight conveyor

Double lift belt and bucket elevator

AC60 Pre-cleaner

Model 220/60 Belt and bucket elevator

Model C960 Chain and flight curved store conveyor


We worked with Colley Farm Buildings to design and install a new grain dryer and storage shed, and chose the Perry drier and handling for it's capacity for the desired tonnage per hour. Once the first dryer base was poured, we built the grain column and dryer sections. This project had two phases of installation due to the timings of concrete, which allowed for us to install handling at a later date once it had set. 


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