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J D COOKE - New Grain Drier Scheme including handling.


Mr Cooke wanted to increase productivity during busy harvest periods by upgrading his system significantly. 


Handling - Skandia via BDC Systems - Top Conveyor - 60tph capability, Trench Intake 60tph Conveyor, 40-60tph I-Line Aspirator and Belt & Bucket Elevator. 

Drier - Svegma.


Due to the location of where the grain drier was to be situated, a trench intake was the best route forward, for more accessible tipping. The drier's location to the exterior of the main grain shed had its challenges, due to being close (but not within) 3m of an electric pylon. Once the drier was assembled, we installed the top conveyor along the eaves of the grain shed, and fed into the adjacent overflow storage unit with another. 


Awaiting customer testimonial.

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