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H & V A Thompson - Brand new grain drier scheme and building. 


The original drying system hadn't been updated in decades, which meant neither had the approach and productivity of harvest. One man had to remain in the dryer shed hours at a time to monitor and test very frequently, due to the equipment not being able to manage the increased capacity of tonnage being fed through. After a major electrical failure caused H & V A Thompson to decide upon a new scheme, Thompsons Engineering Ltd created the best scheme for their operations. Running an average of 20-30 tph in busy times, they needed a superior system that could maintain a moisture level appropriate for their storage and product, for prolonged periods of time. Reliability was key, so we opted for a KENTRA 30/40 Model, with exceptional Skandia via BDC handling. 


Kentra 30/40 Model Drier.

Skandia via BDC Systems handling.

Below ground curved trench intake conveyor.

Flow and return conveyor.

Dust and Chaff remover.


The main challenge with this project was building the new drier shed and laying the base for the drier and handling itself, as well as the new intake pit and tipping area. Situated on the corner of a busy back road, the layout and measurements had to be perfect, to minimize construction time. 

Once the system was fully installed and tied in, Tim Mann installed the electrical systems and control panel, to ensure the Thompsons could increase productivity during harvest by allocating less time to 'man the drier'.


Awaiting testimonial.

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