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G H HOYLE'S - Replacement of pit liner and upgrade of drying and storage plant.


 Initial contact via LH to upgrade the mustard seed drying and storage plant originally installed in 1968. Happy to go with Perry equipment due to their experience in seed handling.

Subsequently TEL have been back to site to upgrade the Intake and Elevator pit with a new steel liner. This was achieved by splitting the double leg elevator to remove the boot from the pit before welding the new pit liner into place and sealing the intake inlets before replacing the elevator in situ.


Perry 960 handling equipment including 2 Perry double leg elevators, Turner GP85-2 Cleaner.



LH designed the scheme to upgrade and replace the existing plant. This upgrade increased the capacity of the plant to speed up the intake, cleaning and drying. The bulk outloading was sited to the outside of the building and decreased the waiting time by 25 mins per load. The system was changed to clean first before drying and this has also given the customer flexibility with little drying required now. The new walkways and staircases have drastically improved the Health and Safety in the plant.


5* Attention to detail

5* Quality of work

5* Attention to budget

5* Overall project management

'Crack on with the job when on site - good problem solvers!'

 - David Hoyles - GH Hoyles Ltd.

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