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BURGESS PET CARE - Replacement of ground level conveyor in Zone 20 of the production plant, including relocation of drive end outlet pipe.


Replacement of ground level conveyor in Zone 20 of Burgess Pet Care. 


Guttridge shrouded chain conveyor. 20tph.


Burgess Pet Care had arranged for the factory to be shut down for a week while various upgrades around the site were carried out. Our engineers began by removing the existing drive and re-routing the outlet pipe to a more convenient entry and supported the connecting 13 hoppers. After removing the existing conveyor they then installed the bespoke made Guttridge equipment, ensuring all modifications were completed. All machines were tied in and ready to go before the week ended, meaning that Burgess could begin extruding pet food into the bins with better productivity and speed.


5* Punctuality

5* Productivity

5* Project Management

5* Meeting of needs with equipment

'Really impressed with the site visits and thoroughness all round!'

- Chris Scholes - Burgess Pet Care.

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